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About Us

Gemini Enterprises founded in 1987 follows responsible practices in the manufacturing of leather and garments in their facilities and ensuring ethical and social practices. We are the first tannery in India to collaborate with ”Wet Green” to manufacture “Oliven Leder” for leather garments. The “Oliven Leder” is a certified “Sustainable leather production” and the leather is Sustainable to the environment. The skins are Chrome Free, Metal Free, Eco Friendly and Sustainable. LWG Gold rated tannery from raw to finish leather processing. “Chemical Management Module” audited against LWG standards. The raw material is sourced from traceable farms and slaughter houses. The skins sourced are by product from the meat industry. Periodical RSL audits and Environmental audit from our customers at our manufacturing facilities. Garment factories with ISO 14001 : 2015 audits and certification. One of the Largest Fully Integrated Leather Garment Producers In India.


Our History

Gemini Enterprises, established in1989 as a manufacturer and exporter of Quality leather garments (Men, Women & Kids), is located in Chennai, India.


Scope Of Environmental Management System

“Manufacturing and Exporting Leather garments ensuring compliance with environmental legislations and Customer code of conduct on environmental aspects. Also waste disposals are done environment friendly (recycle-reuse-reduce-recovery) without any public complaints”

Location of the above scope is : No. 38/1, Bakers Street, Choolai, Chennai - 600112. India



Gemini Enterprises has 35+ years of experience in manufacturing and exporting various types of LEATHER GARMENTS crafted from Indian and imported origins to Europe, USA and rest of the world.

  • Gemini Enterprises has a highly skilled workforce of 1000, including Technical, Production and Administration.
  • ISO 14001 certified company, BSCI Audited and compliance.
  • Gemini Enterprises conforms to international norms on safety and child labour.
  • With an installed capacity of 300,000 pieces per annum,
  • Gemini Enterprises turnover is around USD 25 Million per year.
  • 3 Modern facility tannery, 2 Located in Chennai 1 in Ranipet
  • 7 Garment manaufacturing units located in Chennai
  • Sustainable Leather Production
  • We also produce Chrome Free and Metal Free Leathers.
  • Largest fully Integrated Leather Garment Manufacturing

Environmental Policy

We Gemini Enterprises, Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Garments and Goods are committed to Prevent Pollution & Protect Environment by focusing on

  • Meeting all applicable compliance obligations related to Environment.
  • Applying (4R) Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Recovery methods.
  • Reduction of wastes generated by promoting effective waste management plan.
  • Conservation of natural resources for sustainable development.
  • Training and motivation to our personnel to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Continually improving EMS practices and process performance by establishing and realizing measurable objectives and Targets.
  • Communicating this policy to all our interested parties as appropriate.